Lincoln vs Blackpool: Three Word Game


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Forget the Grand National this is the only three horse race in town.


Look there’s no two ways about it, drawing after being 0-2 up is gutting.

Lincoln played well throughout the game and are a strong team, we raised our game and bossed it up to about 70 minutes. I think it was clearly visible that that our legs went around this mark and they just looked a bit fresher due to their convenient break.

If you’re being hyper critical NC could have thrown a couple of subs on earlier and Maxwell does always have a few flaps in his locker but he more than makes up for them. We’d have all taken that result before kickoff.

Stony Hill

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Aaw. We’re just going to have to swallow this one. Weak, inefficient reffing, wasted chances and “Voldemort” thinking he’s Pep G.
We weren’t beaten and whoever we have to play next, or is in the mix can do the worrying. We’re a good team/squad. Do not be afraid.