Macedonia v England

They've kicked us all over the park and have been rewarded with the softest of penalties. VAR is a joke. Hopefully it'll stir a response from England. We need to up our tempo and hope the referee starts booking their players for all the constant fouling.
Can I just ask you all a question, which do you prefer
1- all this keep ball passing back then try and find that one pass which might open up the defence Or
2- all out attacking football but the chance you might not score but giving it a good go.
It's amazing to think that the on field ref, who has a split second decision to make from only one viewing position, is actually making a better decision than multiple people in a studio with slow motion replays from multiple angles.

It's also very concerning how average we become with the loss of just Kane and Bellingham. Some of the other players really need to step up here.
This squad is too stale. They know the first XI is nailed on, the squad is almost always the same and club form is not rewarded. That leads to performances like against Malta and tonight.
Ref seems not to want to hand out any second yellow cards here.

Clear pull back on Grealish but nothing from the ref as Elmas already on a yellow. 🤷‍♂️
Who's done OK? Williams despite the freak penalty, Foden and maybe Saka for me. Not much else. This ref is like one of those jobsworths we get on a Saturday.
Grealish fanny's about far too much & Saka has been guilty of the same tonight, pass the bloody thing.
We've been really poor. We play way too much of the game going backwards when there is a clear option forward. It's just far too safe.
Poor from England but that is up there with the worst refereeing displays I've seen at international level.
The other night i watched the highly entertaining 3-3 draw between Scotland and Norway... Tonight I drifted between the turgid prima Donna's of England and a very young , vibrant Northern Ireland team who beat Denmark 2-0 ...1 tap in for Dion Charles .
Like others have said a bit of positivity and attacking verve makes for an enjoyable spectacle to watch . Not what we've had from England in their last couple of tired performances