Not much availability in the North


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Still haven't decided on the north or the south yet .Reads like it might get decided for me
Agree North should be rocking but quite like watching from the south .
Good dilemma


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Love the North. I need to see if I can get a high row close to the exits now that bastard Lytham wouldn't go halves on a private Box with me 🤣🤣


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I'm the same . Block E North Stand. Might see you there Bazza. Normally in Block D but hardly no seats left . Selling like hotcakes


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Don't want to piss on anyone's chips but with the way the Covid stats are looking for Lancashire I'm not counting any chickens about being back for the start of the season.


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It's scaremongering plain and simple you lock yourself away if you want the vaccine is working lets us crack on with life FFS.
It's not up to 1966 or any of us though is it if the rules are extended. I am hopeful we will be okay by the start of August, but there is a chance we might have to wait a couple of weeks. It's not scaremongering, it's just being aware of possibilities. Like I said I hope we are all in attendance with a full house for our first home game.


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Has anyone a picture of the seats still available ? Was going to go Saturday and hope to get 3 in the north


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Has anyone a picture of the seats still available ? Was going to go Saturday and hope to get 3 in the north
By the looks of things I’d say there’s about 100 left in Blocks B,C and D and then there’s plenty in A and E but after the 30th some of the grey dots will go blue


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10,659 according to safety certificate for North, NW, West, SW and South.

East stand is 5076, SE is 643 and hospitality is 878.

See page 25 below.

I see they have announced that the Wimbledon Finals will be allowed to have full capacity crowds with pre finals matches at 50% capacity - just as a test you know (fans pilots) - says tennis loving Prime Minister Johnson!

As a fop to the murmuring masses Euro2020 KO matches can have 50% at Wembley matches.


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I'll be pretty fucking gutted if, after sorting a move to C block for four of us that aren't ready to break out the fairy cakes just yet, we all end up sat in the West again due to social distancing 🏝️ 😂🚀


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Just had a look and it looks like approx 7300 ish seats taken (inc current season ticket seats).... Equivalent of a full North and West up to Q block.....
Don’t forget the hospitality neither. I believe demand is high up there.

I expect it to be down to a trickle the next couple weeks followed by another increase before 30th deadline. There will be the usual last minute buyers too before first day of season.