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Its very poor to accept this considering Its only been raining since lunch time, what have the ground staff been doing? only game off in the country unless it changes, not good at all this Iam pretty sure had the Cods/Fylde been at home they would have been on. 互


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The groundsman needs sacking right now. Where did we get him from? Oldham, nuff said. It wouldve been acceptable under the previous regime but not under Sadler. This is not good enough and not only we need a new pitch but we need a new groundsman that will always try hard to get the game ready, cause the way I see it, the current groundsman just doesnt try hard enough. This is becoming a joke


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Embarrassing really. Surely they watch the forecast and rainfall radar. I'm a gardener and can plan work ahead. I know it's nothing like putting covers on a pitch but FFS it's not that difficult.

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Getting tired of seeing all the comments every other week on Twitter calling us a tinpot club from supporters of nothing clubs like Doncaster. Theyre not far wrong though in regard to the pitch. What other north west clubs are having this issue week in week out?


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I think it's unfair to call for the sacking of the groundsman although the club should have a review of the last couple of postponements. A professional club needs to be able to read the forecasts and prepare accordingly. I totally understand that sometimes there is nothing that can be done. If the water table was high and the forecast between 3-7 is for heavy rain then the covers should've been on.


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Simon spent fortune on the pitch and I remember a guy from the company being interviewed and Im sure he said this would solve the drainage problem.


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Why ???? Its been pissing down constantly!! I dont care what pitch it is nothing would have withstood that amount of rain in two hours.

I get what you are saying but I we have played games in a lot weather conditions than today.

In fact I cannot remember the last time a game was called off due to water logging.

I see the groundsman is getting the blame but we actually dont know the circumstances

Whilst it allows time for everyone to cover the down side is the back log of games plus the fact that it stops the winning momentum.