Premier league is back

Pool CW

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Arsenal will start with a win. Here is my PL predictions
1 City
2 Liverpool
3 United
4 Arsenal
5 Chelsea
6 Tottenham
The promoted teams will go straight down.


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Be interesting to see how City fit Haaland into their team. They've not played with a number 9 for a while now.

1. Citeh
2. Liverpool
3. Chelsea
4. Spurs
5. Man U
6. Arsenal


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Lost interest in the premier league as soon as our boycott ended.

Even in the championship, I find it hard to care about other teams apart from Blackpool.


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I did think with the Prem not being on last weekend that we'd have seen much more coverage of the Championship in the papers but it's clear there is only one league the nationals are interested in.