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Have you noticed in that article that Andrew's representatives have gone from outright denial to 'where's the prrof'. It could be really interesting if other photos or a video tutned up
Its going to be monumental if and when all the facts come to light.
It will cripple the royal family in my opinion if he is found guilty on any level.
Not sure their reputation could ever survive such scandal in this day and age.


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And his advisors thought the Maitlis interview went well! Despicable if true and if it is I would speculate those three thought they were as Teflon as it came and would be safe as there was way too much at stake and everyone got paid enough to buy and keep their silence I reckon.

chickens always come home to roost as long as they are living


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Hanks 😱 Seriously??? 😢
No, not seriously at all, that's what makes it all so utterly ridiculous!
It is literally nonsense that has been created based on absolutely nothing, and then cretins on the web have shared it and shared it to the extent it has now become true.
The power of social media 🙄


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The thing is they weren't 'young girls'. They were prostitutes who knew what they were doing and would have been highly paid for their 'services' and, as far as I know, prostitution isn't illegal.

Throws dynamite in room, closes door and waits.