Who’s up for a cardboard cut out!


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Maybe something that the supporters trust could run with the club but a way that everyone could invest in the side is one of these cardboard cut outs whilst there is no one in the ground.

Don’t know if we have a friendly AVFTT printer but could we produce them for say £50 with money going to the club and then we can collect them on the first day of the season (my wife would love one for dart practise!)


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I know we all took the piss out of Fleetwood (but they deserve it with bloody scarecrows) but I do like the idea of raising a few bob for the club and it just would add something rather than the bare seats. Be nice to maybe include one or two who sadly won't be able to go in BR anymore.


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I think it would be great to have cardboard cut outs for any games at the start of the season that has nobody in attendance. Would look better for the I follow stream.


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If so....can I have one that allows me to have
a) have a full crop of hair
b) a slim waist line
c) no receding gums or missing teeth
d) a nice all round tan rather than just on my arms and legs( gardening helps with those bits)
e) a seat where the guy who forgot to go for a pee before the game can’t try to pass by at a crucial moment in the game
...and finally
f) a seat well away from Cat...mind you that is the easy one as he/she/it won’t be there in any case.