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    Lockdown some good news

    Sorry to pop your balloon but.... According to The Angling Trust Jack Rathborn 1 hour ago Brexit news - live: Lorry drivers fined £32,000 in a week in Kent as UK… Celebrity divorces and breakups in 2020 © Provided by The Independent The Angling Trust has confirmed that fishing will no longer...
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    Boxing Day Weather

    You should be so lucky....70/80mph winds forecast for Brighton.
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    Devitt to Newport County

    And hit the post
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    Calum Macdonald

    Now joined Tranny on loan for season.
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    Concorde, Ever been on it?

    I managed to get on board at Gatwick Airport, in the early 2000's, as I worked for Servisair ground crew .It was a bugger putting ground power in as the nose is so high and on board it was very narrow....beautiful aircraft though. Stood watching it take off with many other workers and the...