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Hope it’s some incomings. This week was pretty dull tbh
6 weeks to go. I think ideally NC will want the majority of the squad in for season start.

I’d say bare minimum we need another keeper, 2 centre mid (one needs to be left sided), another attacking right back too.

My main concern would be the centre of defence. I’d argue we currently don’t have anyone good enough (Ekpitata might turn out ok but is untried at this level) for a team looking to be in the promotion scrap. I’m sure this will be sorted and ASAP.


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Ekpiteta should be a good signing, although I believe some of their fans said he will perform better with an experienced defender along side him for guidance.

with that in mind, permanently we need;

a centre midfielder
An experienced centre back
A keeper (2nd choice and cup)

On loan;

A back up centre back, rotating into the squad when needed.
Centre midfielder to provide depth.
Maybe a right back

(Hopefully the loans will come from the premier league or championship u23 sides)


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Not sure if we need another striker having lost Hardie and Weston, if something happens to Yates we would be short of options, don’t like the idea of pushing a player like Fonz up front.

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Hope it works out well for the lad. Will get to play in front of 50k+ at celtic and rangers.

Goes against the grain but I thought he was good enough for this league, and was in the team when we looked our best in the first 8 or 10 games last season. Needed a ball-playing centre half next to him.

He started getting pelters when he was asked to bomb up the wing when grayson started accommodating heneghan. Almost asked to be a tricky winger, weirdly enough he wasn't.


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Thornilley is left sided. He hasn’t really featured yet, apart from the odd debacle such as at Wycombe, where he was basically sold short all night by Heneghan.

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I don’t think anyone’s said he isn’t good enough for this league. He‘s proved that he can defend it the issue is around his ability to play with the ball at his feet and the style we’re wanting to implement.
Not sure, I've read plenty of disparaging remarks on this board about him.

Also a bit of a fallacy to think we need a team of beckenbauers to play out from the back. If your full backs and one centre half is comfortable on the ball that is more than enough.