Portsmouth v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 25.11.23

My pal in the village is a Cheltenham Town season ticket holder and pointed out that after a disastrous start their first point was against Portsmouth, interesting 🤔
I’d bring Norburn in for Carey for midfield solidity but that would be my only change.

I’d be surprised to see CJ and Dale start on either flank but I wouldn’t be against it, especially when Dale is playing a former team and will be bang up for it.

1-2 Pool, Rhodes and Dembele.
The bookies would be very poor if all the favourites won and you can hardly expect an unbeaten top of the league side at home not to be favourites!
I know, but my philosophy of under promising & over delivering type reverse psychology is in play here Ted 😂 🍊 😳
Same team/tactics as against Shrewsbury and I think we'll win.
Defensive changes in midfield or at wing back and similar game to Bolton.
Let's see what Critch does.
We usually do alright there, remember that great goal by Jerry during the covid season, don't care what anyone says about free hits this is a huge match and there's absolutely no reason why we can't go there and beat them, statement win incoming!
Couldn’t remember this. Had to Google to see it, having watched still cannot recollect. Good goal by Jerry, seems strange crowd-less now.
With JR's prolificacy in front of goal always the chance of a decent outcome in a game. Can see at least a draw tomorrow. Who shot JR was the cry in Dallas. Well this season it's JR doing the shooting.
I enjoyed those highlights. Quite a strong team with Yates, Simms, Embleton, Stewart, Gabriel

There’s a surprising amount of positivity on here. Let’s hope it’s well founded 👍🧡
My biggest concern today would whether we will be tight enough in defense, we have some good attacking options but defense looks vulnerable at times. Think Casey for Pennington might be a good idea. Grimshaw has looked a bit less secure recently , hopefully hell do well today.
My heart say we keep the same team, be positive and get an impressive 2-1 win.

My head says we will set up not to lose, with just one up top and end up getting beat 1-0

Depending on the team news, I will either be looking forward to it or will be in the pub for 2.10!
Lose today and questions will be asked. Critchley talks about setting up tactics depending on who we are playing against but the reality is that doesn't matter who we play against away from home, we lose or a draw at best.

I actually think the opposite. We are that predictable with the formation, we make it easy for opposition managers.
If we win away against the league leaders then serious questions will be asked about our manager. We all know that it will be down to the players and absolutely nothing to do with him.

That parallel universe sounds good. Critchley has made us very predictable away from home, that's certainly not down to the players.

Maybe today will be different. Leicester won the Premier League so big shocks do happen in football.
Norburn clearly got a worse injury than originally thought ! Mind you … BFC players always seem to take longer to return
Must be first unchanged starting 11 and bench this season. Hope they can impose themselves against this Portsmouth side. Can see some hairy moments at the back but equally chances going forward.
Looking forward to this.On paper it looks a good game of football.Fancy us.Even more so now I’ve seen the team.
I'm really chuffed about the starting line up. Today is one of the few times that Neil Critchley has put a strong attack-minded team out when playing away to a team in a higher position, and every credit. Let's give it a real, 'GO FOR THE JUGULAR,' performance.