Well lads isn’t this amazing. Just WOW


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Not very imaginative were they? The equivalent of flowers from the garage😁

Seriously, some nice stuff and a great cake. Happy Birthday.


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Happy Birthday Young lady 😀

Never forget - middle Age doesn't start until you are 76 and old Age when you are 98 - however these ages can be adjusted upwards without notice or prior warning 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣


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Happy Birthday Michelle.
You could of course say 'That's not my age, that's the year of my birth'.
Oh! Hang on, maybe not. 🙄 😀


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Hope all roads lead to your hotel in the near future Michelle. The M55 will deliver 👍
Thanks so much I certainly hope your right. We was open only 16 days from March 2020 to now and no signs of when I can reopen. Drained me financially but I have just about managed to pay all the rent and bills so far but how I’ve done it I don’t know haha. Can’t wait to get trading again and partying with all our guests 💖💖💖