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    Seasiders Holiday destinations

    Oh that’s terrible, we are flying with jet2 too. I hope it don’t get cancelled
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    Seasiders Holiday destinations

    Not sure if there’s a thread already but thought I’d start one off.. Where’s everyone heading over the summer?, my holiday begins in 3 weeks time in Bulgaria a place called pomorie not far from Nessebar, Going to flying the Seasiders top abroad. UTMP 🍊
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    Why do Sky Sports hate us ?

    They must be gearing us up for a play off push 😂
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    HOLIDAYS 2022 Where is everybody going?

    Bulgaria (Pomorie) at the end of may for 9 nights - looking forward to it. Those going Crete (Agia marina we ended up at) we went there in September and the weather was 34 on our last day lovely weather for the time of year. Enjoy Fellow Seasiders
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    Less than 100 tickets left for Fulham

    Fulham game could be off if Bobby Reid & Michael hector are called up for Jamaica. Robinson has already been called up for USA so two more and they can ask the efl to postpone.
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    Bowler chant

    I prefer the dynamite song myself.
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    Red button tommorow

    Unfortunately I’m not able to go tommorow but wondering if anyone knows if it’s on the red button on sky? Cheers
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    Just had a punt on conte to be the next coach at the barcodes

    Feel it could be Stevie G. Same odds