Well done to the head coach today


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Strong side picked, not rushing all the new lads in like some of our more clueless fans wanted

Played well, created more and defensively better

Turton man of the match today as well for me

Well done all, better today with more spirit

Deserved to win ...

It was a strong performance with little cutting edge. Playing very well in areas but lacking final 3rd quality.

Still have a shaky moment in defence but Mitchell had to come on for Garbutt.

Its good we have the new lads in defence and midfield to put pressure on those who are playing and the midfielders brought in seem good quality.

Some strong performances and I thought Williams did well.


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I read that game very differently.

Crewe were there to be attacked and Critchley failed to adjust anything to push us on.

Defensively much better yes, but on that it’s not hard to improve on garbage and It helps that we’re set up to keep possession in the first twenty minutes.

But what’s really worrying is when the opposition switch something we’re all over the place.

Critch isn’t showing me much if I’m honest. He doesn’t seem to understand how to adapt to the game in progress.


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Totally agree with phil and have said as much myself.

I do think a couple of subs in the last 15 minutes, Luballa and Kemp for CJ and Yates may just have got us the 3 points we deserved. Williams, Turton and Madine the stand out players for me, but they all put in a shift and looked like they were getting to grips with the tactics.


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Also football is a game of fine margins and once we went 1-0 down Crewe could easily have scored two more within five mins...what would people be saying now if it had gone 1-0 2-0 3-0 in five mins...we would be in full meltdown...a draw was a fair result...they had some luck and so did we...onwards and hopefully upwards


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Big improvement, should have won really. Don’t create enough chances, gotta hope one of these new midfielders has got a final pass in him