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    Without revealing your age, who was your very first favourite footballer? 🤔

    For me it's got to be Pele I remember him getting kicked out of the 1966 World Cup at Goodison Park with the worst cynical play you could imagine. 1970 brought for me the best the World Cup with that magical Brazilian side with so many great players and Pele was Pele ,
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    Happiest you have been as a Pool fan

    Yes i totally agree a new owner would be coming in and that turned out to be Simon Sadler, its been the biggest turning point in our history imo. We have a Club now we can call OUR CLUB. Soak it all up fellow Pool fans the futures TANGERINE UTMP PS the added importance of the Homecoming game...
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    Cricket lovers of Blackpool

    I watched them last week and they won convincingly , they lost their first game and have won everyone since, Will be watching tomorrow and might have a couple of pints of Real Ale 🍺
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    How many BFC fans do you know to talk to?

    I honestly couldn't say being born and bred in Blackpool and supporting BFC all my life , I joined the volunteers group from the outset and have met lots of new like minded fans along the way , its certainly a good way to meet new friends and also helping our Club save some money (edited)UTMP
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    Looking good today…

    Totally agree RRS it wasn't meant has anything else but an observation, I have been part of the volunteers group from the outset and enjoyed every minute of it , like you I am in gratitude to Simon Sadler for all he is doing for OUR club UTMP
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    Looking good today…

    Looking really good RRS , I can't tell properly but on the steps is that rust when the painting was being done ?
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    Have we ever seen any pics from the 'new Squires Gate'?

    No I looked from the perimeter
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    Have we ever seen any pics from the 'new Squires Gate'?

    Its certainly a lot better since we did the initial clean up , they have put gates up to stop easy access because fly tipping was a problem. The entrance has signs up and the walls have been painted , a look around the ground it looks very tidy. The two old portacabins have been removed ( they...
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    Our North Stand. Our KOP.

    Couldn't agree more # MAKE NEW MEMORIES
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    Oh my God, it's doing my head in.

    Yes Davepick and what makes it even better there is more to come, its certainly a dream coming true for us all .UTMP
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    RIP Brian London

    He certainly is a legend and a great man RIP Brian.
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    Number one fan?

    My sentiments entirely Wizzerboy , family commitments, work commitments, lots of factors can dictate how many games you can go to. I have been fortunate to support Blackpool for 60 years does that make me a better supporter ? NO I have always thought the young fans are very important they...
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    Who would take OLLIE as a number 2?

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    Would saddles welcome outside investigation

    Simon Sadler made it quite plain at the Fans Forum it would be his investment alone , if he would take outside investment in the future I would very much doubt, Whatever he decides I am sure would be in the best interests of our Club UTMP
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    Sadler speaks

    Thank you Simon having been at the fans forum my instincts told me you would fulfil OUR dreams and turn Blackpool f.c into a football club we can all be proud of . Thank you Sir you have made a lifelong fan extremely happy .UTMP