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    Josh Bowler Signs

    Very pleased with this signing He joined the school in Woking the year I retired The PE staff have said he was a humble and very pleasant lad, good listener, great acceleration and left foot and really good on 1:1. He was outstanding at school, district and county level Was taken on by Fulham...
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    Remaining Tickets

    Definitely a great way to allocate spare tickets I got a call after spending over £500 on all IFollow games and club shop Unfortunately living in West Sussex and having afternoon hospital appointment in Chichester I can’t make it Come in you pool!
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    Go Fund Me Page For the injured Pool supporter yesterday

    Done So sad Thoughts are with Paul Dad Billy and family Surrey Seasiders
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    Blackpool v Bristol Rovers Official Matchday Thread 09.05.21

    What was Husband doing with the delayed throw in? chance to get it in the area Captain as well Wise up
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    Ipswich Town v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 06.02.21

    Kaikai and Husband Just not good enough..........
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    Brighton v Blackpool Official Matchday FA Cup Thread 23.01.21

    Absolutely Worried about our defending at set pieces and closing down attackers and blocking shots Are they not coached on this? It’s been dire since beginning of the season Not too disappointed with result But could possibly have salvaged something with Madine and Yates staying on In my mind...
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    Hull City v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 16.01.21

    F’in full backs again Husband badly beaten Turton doesn’t challenge and turns his back! Our weakest area in the team.......
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    Tony Waiters
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    Blackpool v West Brom Official FA Cup Matchday Thread 09.01.21

    Def penalty turton=liability involved in both goals conceded
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    Bristol Rovers v Blackpool Official Matchday Thread 02.01.21

    Let’s face it This team and squad is taking us nowhere Unintelligent football and tactics Inability to change things positively Passing the ball across and backwards giving the opposition time to regroup and cover Always prone to costly defensive errors For Kaikai read Anderson Nothing upfront...
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    Tony Waiters RIP

    RIP Tony A great keeper Kind gentle giant Can still remember many years ago absconding from Holy Joe’s on Wednesday afternoons and going down to the beach, past my home on Reads Avenue to underneath the old Lifeboat Station next to central pier. He would use the old concrete pillars to make a...
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    First eleven now?

    Mitchell should be nowhere near the teamsheet Offers nothing but calamitous costly defending